Meet Alex

Alex Tighe is a dynamic and diverse individual. He has a multitude of interests and a myriad of strong attributes within his character. Alex exhibits a strong sense of compassion and understanding towards others.

With more than a decade of experience in technology and design, Alex hopes to inspire others to embrace their creativity and share it with the world.

Good Design is Good Business

Design isn’t about making something pretty. At its core, good design is all about effective communication.

Whether developing content to share with clients or passing information internally, aesthetically pleasing visuals go a long way.

Workshops to Train Your Team

When it comes to developing decks and presentations, many teams struggle to make their content stand out.

As a former Creative, Business Specialist & Genius at Apple, Alex is an expert trainer in all things Apple. Now, he shares his expertise through in-person group workshops and one-on-one training sessions.

Design Principles


Practical Techniques

Expert Resources

Design Solutions for Digital Brands

In addition to his training work, Alex is a graphic designer and web developer who specializes on a personal approach to digital marketing needs—an alternative to the large agency.

Alex is grounded in bringing authenticity, originality and simplicity to all things design. What’s your next big idea?

Creativity Changes The Game

Above all else, Alex hopes to elevate teams and solutions by building strong relationships.

By truly listening he is able to come up with unique, creative and customized solutions that speak specifically to those he is engaging.

Alex made a big impression on our team. His experience as an Apple Genius is the perfect compliment to his practiced knowledge of visual design. It’s clear he loves to teach others, and his friendly, approachable style created the perfect learning environment, even for beginners. Everyone unanimously agreed it was the best learning session they’ve had since joining Local, and you can see a noticeable improvement in their ability to craft gorgeous, effective presentations.
Andrew Osterday

Digital Brand Strategist, Local Industries

Alex is such a talented individual and a joy to be around. He was so generous to come to our company office and host an interactive workshop on creative design and keynote.  He shared such valuable, tactical and executable information that we have already begun implementing with our clients. Overall, a very helpful session!
Aubrey Byers

Client Strategist, Local Industries

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