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Content Creation, Web Design, Web Development

DIGDEEP is a 501(c)3 non-profit made by a diverse community of talented change-makers who believe that every American should have clean, running water for life. They began their mission in 2015 and have developed into a thriving leader their field.

State Bird

Brand Development, Web Design, Web Development

State Bird is a fully integrated creative production studio, with roots in commercial production and a focus on branded content in all its forms.


Content Creation, Web Design, Web Development

SINES is a multi-faceted union of music and technology that brings mood harmonizing sound to the modern world—promoting balance, engagement, creativity, relaxation, meditation, and productivity.

Prison Yoga + Meditation

Content Creation, Web Design, Web Development

Prison Yoga + Meditation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group of volunteers that brings yoga and meditation to prisoners in 5 Los Angeles county, state and federal facilities to help them heal.

Danny Gonzales

Web Design, Web Development

Danny Gonzales is a bicoastal interior designer who creates one-of-a-kind spaces for retail, restaurants, pop-ups and individual homes. Together, we created a website that truly expresses his creative innovation.


Brand Development, Web Design, Web Development

Sunroof was built to be different. An alternative to the large agency. We are a collective of design-obsessed digital junkies, based in Los Angeles. Our focus is to create new interactive experiences for users; striking the perfect balance between usability and aesthetic. We seek to push creative and developmental boundaries, while bringing ambitious ideas to life.

Cloud Climbing Travel

Web Design, Web Development

Cloud Climbing serves as a space to share travel tools, treasures and discoveries. They launched their brand at the end of 2019 and will be premiering their blog and eCommerce platform in 2020. The case study provides a preview for their upcoming digital brand.

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